Bitumen Emulsion: The best Bitumen Emulsion Suppliers in India with effective waterproofing

Bitumen Emulsion is nothing rather diluted bitumen for adequate infiltration. It has been  in the industry for a long time. The objective of bitumen is to make the outer layer of road, roof strong from water and UV ray. Bitumen makes the roads drift and safe.

Types of Bitumen:

   There are 3 types of Bitumen Emulsion available

  • Rapid setting
  • Medium Setting
  • Slow setting

Bitumen Emulsion is the best material for hillside roads because here heating of Bitumen and aggregating is very difficult. Emulsion mostly used in construction companies to provide an outer protective coating to roads. To use emulsion Bitumen needs to heat at 100 to 200 degrees until it aggregates to fluid substance.

Benefits of using Bitumen Emulsion

  • Bituminous emulsion is helpful in road construction as sometimes it can be used for repair, maintenance work.
  • In desert areas it is used for soil stabilization
  • During rain also emulsions can be used.
  • No requirement of extra heating to use it
  • Suitable for all types of roads
  • Different types of bitumen available for road settings like rapid settings for surface road, medium settings for premixing in Bitumen emulsion, slow settings to use in large surface areas for aggregating the surface areas.

Emulsion Specification

Buying Bitumen Emulsion from Bitumen Emulsion supplier in India become very careful towards maintaining the quality as it is available with three different types of application for erosion control, Prime coating and tack coating. Bitumen can be sued to stop erosion caused due to the drainage system. Bitumen is helpful in waterproofing river banks, protection to slopes and roads, roofs etc. It is easy to use and provides protection against erosion.

A light application is available in Bitumen Emulsion known as bond coat which can be used in surface with holes and gaps to patch it.A tack coating is very helpful in Bitumen that keeps the layers firmly bonded with each other. Prime coating is used to make the surface granular which keeps the dust level low, that’s the reason contractors and engineers chose it first.

There are various Bitumen Suppliers in India helping the Indian road construction team in different ease way.

What makes Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen Idyllic for Indian Roads

The reach of Indian roads has extended to vast areas of different states and many rural areas.  The connectivity of areas has significantly improved leading to more substantial economic development over the years. With better access to technology, consequently greater awareness alternatives were discovered in road infrastructure planning.

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB) is a binding agent used by many contractors as it increases the strength and durability of roads. Today different CRMB suppliers in India are using different modifiers with their bitumen to enhance the quality of their products. CRMB is a hydrocarbon Binder derived from scrapped rubber from used tyres and treated with chemicals to act as a modifier for Bitumen. To keep the properties of binder intact through all stages of the supply chain, stabilizing additives are also used in the process.

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen conforms to IS:15462 specifications and licensed by Bureau of Indian Standards.

Advantages of Crumb Rubber Modifiers:

  • Protects the roads from rutting and forming cracks
  • Reduces the maintenance cost and overall cost efficient
  • Increase in pavement’s life irrespective of heavy load traffic
  • Favorable in all weather conditions
  • Efficient adhesive agent
  • Help in making roads Slip Proof.

CRMB Grade used:

  • CRMB 50: Suitable for cold climate conditions
  • CRMB 55: Suitable for moderate climate
  • CRMB 60: Used in Hot climatic areas

Process Of Production:

  • Scrapped Tire from trucks is cut into small pieces with mechanical blades.
  • 25%percent of natural rubber is used with 75% of waste tyre
  • Two ways to production
  1. Ambient Grinding:
  • Occurs at room temperature or above that
  • Higher Surface area

  • Cryogenic Grinding:
    • It makes use of Liquid Nitrogen to freeze Crumbed rubber
    • Lower Surface area
    • Process to prepare the modifier
    1. Dry Process: Crumb Rubber also used as some part of the aggregate
    2. Wet Process:
      • Intermittent mixing of CR with Bitumen and let the mixture react for 1 hour
      • Maintaining high temperature throughout.

    The government is paying special attention to improving infrastructure of roads and encouraging research and development for instilling better technologies in their urban planning. The available resources also encourage more industry experts actively contributing to the process.

    Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion Helps Transforming Rural Road Scenarios in India

    Every one of us is aware of the deteriorating road conditions in rural areas in India. A predominant technology used in the construction of roads in India has been HMA or Hot Mix Asphalt. Using bitumen emulsified pavements the entire network of roads was made conventionally. However, there are numerous limitations in using HMA. The use of hot mix asphalt leads to high greenhouse gas emissions and other related problems. During the monsoons, this kind of hot mix technology becomes a challenge since a lot of money and effort is spent in maintaining the pavement temperatures. Numerous rural road projects in India hence is now being redefined with the invention of new products like cold mix bitumen emulsions.

    A huge number of rural areas in India which is located mostly in its North and Northeastern regions witness heavy rainfalls and is extremely mountainous terrains. The environmental regulations in these sites are complex and most of the projects even fall within forests. Using traditional hot mix technology sometimes is just not possible. Cold mix asphalt, on the other hand, is being evaluated to be used in such scenarios. Cold mix bitumen emulsion in India has numerous advantages like it offers to reduce GHG emissions, reduced fuel consumption and ease of use in all seasons.

    Cold mix bitumen emulsion in India erases off the heating procedure used in the binder and the aggregate. Moreover, it is extremely eco-friendly in nature. Over 50% of energy spent on hot mixes can be saved if cold mix bitumen is used.  The preparation time for a cold mix is much lesser and can be made right on the sites. The cold mix bitumen emulsion is applicable to be used even in remote locations in India. This can also be used in humid and wet weather conditions. In addition to the above, the cold mix technology is much more economical and high on productivity and profitability. The cold mix bitumen emulsion has been innovated by keeping the differentiated requirement of the Indian terrain and nation.

    PMB Emulsion: Special Class of Bitumen Emulsion Products in India

    By far, Bitumen emulsion is most commonly used a binding agent for construction of roads. It acts as adhesive, waterproofing agent, preservative, binder etc. But they have one special class or you can say an improvised version of the same, which is called polymer modified bitumen emulsion. Polymer modified bitumen emulsion manufacturers, prepare it in several ways. One way for the same is by adding latex to bitumen emulsion. It can be done both prior and after the colloid mill. PMB emulsion suppliers in India, find it difficult and hard to manufacture this special class of bitumen emulsions. The characteristics of both types of emulsions are almost same but PMBE’s generally have high performance and act as better binding agent as compared to the unmodified version of bitumen emulsions.

    The difference only lies in the rheological properties of the same, PMBE’s have better and improvised rheological properties as compared to the unmodified version.  There are two types of modifying agents that are being used by PMB emulsion suppliers in India. The first one is Plastomers and the other one is Elastomers.

    • Plastomers, have good properties with respect to high temperatures and are low in cost. They also have resistance towards rutting and has good storage stability. The disadvantage of plastomers is that it has limited elasticity and has phase separation issues. Also, it has a relatively low performance at low temperature.
    • Elastomers, on the other hand, has increased stiffness, has better elasticity and works better even at low temperature. It also has resistance towards ultraviolet and oxidation. The disadvantage of the same is that it is relatively high in cost, and relatively less compatible with some of the bitumen emulsions.

    The benefits of Polymer modified bitumen emulsion as compared to the unmodified version are:

    • They have increased elastic recovery that ensures protection in extreme cold climatic conditions.
    • Acts as a better binding agent to aggregate as its adhesive property improve.
    • By modifying bitumen emulsion, Polymer modified bitumen emulsion suppliers in India makes sure that its softening point increases and brittleness fall down. It helps in protection against hot weather conditions.
    • Though bitumen emulsions are also water resistant, PMBE’s have increased water resistance property.
    • It resists cracking and stripping in low temperature.
    • Helps in avoiding rutting and fatigue.

    Know All about Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion

    Cold mix is a bituminous mixture which contains mineral aggregate, water and binder (custom designed cationic bitumen emulsion) geared up by a suitable appliance like a concrete mixer or cold mix plant or a customized hot mix plant.

    Cold Mix is Cost Effective

    Cold Mix Technology is cost effective as well as environment-friendly due to the fact that building work can go on in all seasons and still with wet aggregates. Due to topographical constraints, rural roads projects in the North Eastern States of India like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim, and others have got postponed. Use of Cold Mix Technology is established to be the most suitable one in these states. The biggest benefit of the technology is that it saves on an average just about 1500L of precious fossil fuel per kilometer of road construction. Cold mix pavement can offer energy savings of over 50% as compared with hot mix. So it can be well thought-out as a green technology for infrastructure Projects. Cold mix is gaining a great amount of popularity in road projects and more than 4000km job finished in North-East by cold mix technology.

    Cold Mix has Reasonable Viscosity

    Cold Mix is in particular designed water-based bitumen emulsion with reasonable viscosity and optimized setting time for mixing stability with an extensive variety of graded aggregate. Cold Mix grade is put together to mix properly with open-graded as well as dense graded aggregate. Cold Mix is recommended for premix carpeting as well as premix seal coat applications due to its high binder content and reasonable viscosity and is manufactured strictly as per IS 8887: 2004. Cold mix is in Chocolate brown in color and is a free-flowing liquid at ambient temperature

    Preparation of the mixture

    The cold mixed open graded premix can be prepared in a concrete mixer. For this purpose, the blended aggregates of 13.2mm and 11.2mm size in 2:1 ratio should be put together into a concrete mixer.

    Thus Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion in India is highly suitable for some regions which face problems related to topography. It helps in perfect construction process without any issues.

    Exporters of Bitumen Emulsion in India in High Demand

    Bitumen emulsion is as important to roads as tyres are to cars. Bitumen and roads go hand in hand. Bitumen is what makes the roads fit to drive on and walk on. Without bitumen emulsion spread on roads the roads of the world would just be uneven debris which would make driving or walking on them extremely difficult. Bitumen emulsion is nothing but a mixture of water and bitumen along with emulsion so that the bitumen does on float on water but mixes with it. There are various types of bitumen, one of them being polymer modified bitumen which is the most strongest and most durable bitumen used on roads and house roofs along with setting time and surface time bitumen who work exactly as their name suggest.

    In recent years, the demand for bitumen emulsion in India has risen to such an extent that many bitumen emulsion exporters in India have popped up all around the country. These companies with their experienced man power and hi-tech transport facilities help in exporting bitumen needed by countries all around the world. The exporters make sure that they meet all the increasing demands regarding bitumen as fast as possible. Their main aim is to satisfy their customers and meet their needs.

    But apart from just supplying emulsion to construction workers worldwide the bitumen emulsion exporters in India are also responsible about making sure that the need of emulsion put before them are genuine. It is also important for a good exporter to have a good fleet of vehicles if the demand arises within the country then fast and proper vehicles should be made ready for the deliveries. As and if the demand rises, these exporters make sure to make changes to their work station in such a way that they are able to produce more and more emulsion in one go. But most of their energy and concentration is always focused on coordinating the demand and supply in such a way that they are able to meet the needs of the buyers.

    Thus, when they put so much of their time and energy to become the best for their customers, it is really of no surprise that the demand for bitumen exporters are at an all time high.

    Important Benefits of PMB Manufacturing to Building Better Roads in India

    Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) is one of the most important resources to construct a road. Considering the weather conditions and the heavy traffic load on the roads, the bitumen emulsion is engineered to meet the challenges. After mixing it with a polymer, the normal bitumen becomes more effective to make the pavements. Taking this new formulation to every road construction, the PMB Manufacturers in India is aiding the development process you will find in our progressing country.

    Benefits of using Polymer Modified Bitumen

    To quench your thirst regarding this particular bitumen emulsion, the addition of an elastomeric compound with the bitumen in various proportions is what produces different varieties of PMB. Due to the use of a polymer, the emulsion becomes more cohesive which aids in holding the aggregates together making the roadways long-lasting and more tolerable.

    Higher resistance and more strength are what the roads of India need these days. The considerable increase in a number of cars and heavy vehicles require a better platform that will stay strong over the years. On the other hand, the country is full of topographical diversity. The geographical conditions made it really hard to construct a road that will remain stable for a longer span of time. With the advent of PMB Manufacturers in India, the roads can now be constructed in the remotest locations with lesser resources.
    The ideal characteristics of PMB provide a list of benefits mentioned below.


    The bitumen emulsion can be engineered to meet the specific requirements of a road as per its location. After application of the emulsion, the roads become absolutely rigid and can hold a lot of vehicle pressure. The roads will be able to tolerate extreme weather conditions too. it is ideal in the areas where there is a heavy rainfall as the mix is highly water resistant.

    Stops Permanent Deformation

    This unique formulation from the PMB Manufacturers in India is used in those pavements which are under extreme stress. The emulsion is capable of resisting permanent deformation of the roads and excellently stops spreading of the cracks.


    The PMB Manufacturers in India are providing the customized bitumen emulsion as per the necessity of their clients. The use of such resources cuts down huge cost of construction and maintenance.

    What is CRMB, its Role and Importance?

    Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB) is hydrocarbon binder attained through the physical and chemical interaction of crumb rubber which is made by recycling of used tires with bitumen and some particular additives. The Flexural range of CRMB presents binders which are firm and simple to handle with improved performances. CRMB is appropriate for pavements which are suitable for all sorts of weather conditions, highways, traffic denser roads, junctions, heavy duty and high traffic seaport roads etc. It is a long-lasting and reasonable solution for new production and safeguarding of wearing courses. There are CRMB Suppliers in India from where you can obtain the desired product.

    Gril Emulsion said that crumb rubber modified bitumen is made up of recycled rubber tire shreds, asphalt cement, aggregates and some additives based on the extent of usage of the asphalt mixture. Crumb rubber and bitumen are coalesced by wet or dry procedures.

    Tires consist of components that would never demean. Landfills are more and more getting crammed with used tires. When used in bitumen cement, the ecological deterioration is getting turn away to a large amount while mankind is supplied optimally.

    The other surfaces of the roads which are made up of crumb rubber modified asphalt can function considerably well in comparison to conventional methods. The presentation in both hot and cold climates has been suitable. Tests have proved determinedly that rutting resistance of personalized bitumen is 37-60% more than that of conventional asphalt. When the binding mixture has minute particles of the rubber, the presentation in colder weather develops into even more noticeable. Further, the time elapsed between the function of brakes and final strike of the vehicle is considerably reduced by crumb rubber particles protruding from the facade. This extra traction given by crumb infill comes handy in avoiding accidents. During winter, when the incidents of skidding are notably higher; crumb rubber infill eradicates skidding at the angles.

    Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB) is hydrocarbon binder which is achieved through the physical and chemical interaction of crumb rubber which is made by recycling of used tires with bitumen and some suggested additives. They are made by wet and dry procedures. Thus we can say Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen is a critical material in effective construction projects.

    Utilize the Major Services of CRMB Plant Manufacturers in India

    Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen is a unique kind of significant worth included bitumen where the properties have been enhanced by mixing with morsel elastic and uncommon sorts of added substances. Bolstered by exceptionally experienced experts, Gril Emulsion manufacturers have risen as a well-to-do association for offering a selective gathering of Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen. CRMB Plant Manufacturers in India are the generally confined in Exporter, Manufacturer, Trader and Wholesaler firm of cutting edge Emulsion and Bitumen Products. It can be utilized for wearing courses at overwhelming trafficked roads, occupied crossing points, connect decks and roundabout for expanded existence of the surfacing.

    Major process:

    This bitumen is prepared according to the set business standards under the direction of gifted experts. With a rich combination of advancement and experience, they deliver an eagerly awaited item exhibit including high performing Bituminous Products. Gril Emulsion manufacturers offer this bitumen in various bundling choice according to the necessities of customers. These items are fabricated utilizing quality segments and extra parts that are obtained from the put stock in wellsprings of the market. The quality expert tests the offered item on different predefined industry standards with a specific end goal to guarantee perfect at clients end. The item offerings convey a statement of the significant item information typified in the favorable components. In addition, Gril Emulsion manufacturers check every one of the items on a few parameters to guarantee to bother free execution.

    Various features:

    • Better edge resistance properties
    • Lower weakness to every day and regular temperature varieties
    • Higher exhaustion life of blends because of high flexible recuperation
    • Better grip amongst total and cover guarantee longer life, quality and steadiness
    • Better water resistance
    • Postponement of splitting and intelligent braking
    • Imperviousness to crawl and higher backhanded pliable fortify surface course
    • Forestalls rutting

    Applications of CRMB:

    CRMB can be utilized for wearing courses at substantial trafficked roads, occupied crossing points, connect decks and roundabouts for expanded existence of the surfacing.

    • Transport by path
    • Decreasing movement clamor
    • Sand black-top
    • Stopping spot of transports and trucks
    • Water sealing solid structure
    • Mechanical and multimodal stages
    • Hurling activity path
    • For high precipitation districts
    • Giving high slide resistance

    The association is checked among the most recognized producers and providers of subjective Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen that is utilized as stress engrossing film with the end goal of fixing of splits and preventive upkeep for postponing reflexion splitting.

    Know the Major Impact of Bitumen Emulsion Exporters in India

    In general, Gril emulsion is an exporter of various review of Bitumen Emulsion. Our Emulsion is unadulterated and is been utilized many presumed customer in India. Our emulsion is for the most part utilized for waterproofing many items and it is additionally generally utilized for against destructive treatment. It will give great covering zone since it is altered by extraordinary added substance. And after that Bitumen spreads on the surface of the total and goes about as a coupling material and gradually accomplishes its quality. For this, we make utilization of the refreshed innovation and machines. The information sources utilized are quality affirmed and are astounding for the creation. We have created best in class storeroom wherein we keep a substantial stock.

    Gril emulsion exporters are occupied with conveying great Bitumen, which is delivered with the consistency of worldwide measures. It additionally keeps our offerings from air, pipe, daylight and other harming factors. To offer finish fulfillment to the customers, we guarantee that we convey the just perfect scope of items and in this manner we store. Bitumen is most usually utilized for the road. Bitumen that we offer is very much tried and in this way, getting it from us will be the most secure choice for the purchasers. Making utilization of modern learning increased over numerous years, we keep concocting items meeting the exact needs of the clients. We are considered as a part of the best Bitumen Emulsion Exporters in India. We offer yet another quality item as Bitumen. We obtain Bitumen from the most solid wellsprings of the market. It is accessible in an extensive variety of assortments. It is known for its great substance properties and dependability. We have an immense conveyance arrange that empowers us to convey retail and in addition mass requests for Bitumen inside the guaranteed time span. Lay your hands on it at sensible rates.

    With the stern quality investigation of the crude materials and different sources of info utilized, we verify that the last item is totally free from surrenders. Bitumen Emulsion Exporters in India deal with all the crude materials utilized as a part of the item assembling and planning.