G R Infraprojects Limited has earned commendable recognition in the road construction industry due to its quality and road strength. The company has left no stone unturned in assembling first class raw materials, fleet of hi-tech construction equipments and experienced manpower in order to complete its road projects on time. It has moved a step ahead in this race of competition by establishing its own Emulsion Manufacturing Plants at Udaipur in 2009 and at Guwahati in 2014.

These plants are serving the company due to the fact that they are well-equipped and are operated by well-trained professionals. These plants are fitted with variable rotor stator Gaps system so have the capability of manufacturing all grades of Bituminous Emulsions, Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) and Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB) as per IRC and BIS specifications.

Factors that have lead to the timely completion of projects

  • Timely supplies and production of required Emulsion
  • Effectively meeting the increased demand levels across the State of Rajasthan ,North East and other construction sites
  • Genuine need of Emulsion in undertaking and completing Road Construction projects
  • Increased Capacity and Infrastructural set up for producing emulsion
  • Own fleet of vehicles for supply of materials
  • Effectively managing the logistics and supply chain mechanism of construction materials

In-House Fleet Of Bitumen Tankers To Facilitate Logistics Management

  • G R infraprojects ltd has a tanker fleet of 100 nos approx. for transportation of bitumen from refineries and transport of emulsion to customer site. Each tanker is equipped with GPS tracking system which is monitored by central monitoring which ensures on time delivery of bitumen to our factories and committed deliveries to our esteemed customers. Our own fleet of tankers mitigates the risk of enroute manipulations in quality so that quality product is delivered to our customers and site.
  • In order to impart safety in our road construction projects, we have aligned with ENH Engineering A/S, Denmark to avail highly technically sound and world class superior equipment to enhance plant functioning as well as continuance.
  • We have installed advanced technological control systems and latest machineries to produce all Grades of Bitumen Emulsion, Polymer Modified Bitumen and Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen as required for road construction.

Plant Capacity

  • In line, Bitumen Emulsion plant, Capacity 15 – 20 MT/Hr
  • In line mixer, PMB/CRMB plant, Capacity 20 – 25 MT/Hr
  • Combined PMB/CRMB and Emulsion Pilot Unit for R&D purpose

A Glimpse of our Plant Attributes

  • Advanced PLC Based control system is a reflection of sophisticated technology which guarantees on specs production quality of Bitumen emulsions
  • Adjustable air-gaping property at milling units ensures appropriate dispersion of bitumen droplets during emulsification process.
  • Intelligent systems of production
  • Dedicated stream for Bitumen, Water and Chemicals on individual basis.
  • Chemical unit pumps and flow meters are chemical resistant.
  • High quality heat exchangers & boilers
  • Well integrated pH meters and flow meters
  • In-house laboratory unit is capable of examining and testing both quality as well as R & D of different kinds of bitumen emulsion, PMB & CRMB.

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