Cold mix is a bituminous mixture containing mineral aggregate, water and binder (custom designed cationic bitumen emulsion) prepared by a suitable device like concrete mixer or cold mix plant or a modified hot mix plant.

Cold Mix Technology is cost effective as well as environment friendly due to the fact that construction work can proceed in all seasons and even with wet aggregates. Due to topographical constraints, rural roads projects in North Eastern States of India like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim and others have got delayed. Use of Cold Mix Technology is proved to be most suitable in these states. The biggest advantage of the technology is that it saves on an average approximately 1500L of precious fossil fuel per kilometer of road construction. Cold mix pavement can provide energy savings of over 50% compared with hot mix. So it can be considered as green technology for infrastructure Projects. Cold mix is gaining considerable popularity in road projects and more than 4000km job completed in North-East by cold mix technology.

GRIL Cold Mix is specially designed water based bitumen emulsion with moderate viscosity and optimized setting time for mixing stability with wide variety of graded aggregate. GRIL Cold Mix grade is formulated to mix properly with open graded as well as dense graded aggregate. GRIL Cold Mix is recommended for premix carpeting as well as premix seal coat applications due to its high binder content and moderate viscosity and is manufactured strictly as per IS 8887: 2004. GRIL Cold mix is in Chocolate brown in colour and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature.

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Application of GRIL Cold Mix

Construction Process of 20 mm Open Graded Premix Carpet (Using Concrete Mixer)

The cold mixed open graded premix may also be prepared in a concrete mixer. For this purpose, the blended aggregates of 13.2mm and 11.2mm size in 2:1 ratio shall be charged into concrete mixer.

The required quantity (7-8% by wt of aggregate) of GRIL Cold Mix shall be added and mixed with aggregates for two minutes. Prolong mixing (more than two minutes) shall be avoided as it tends to decoat the binder from aggregates.

The GRIL cold mix when start indicating brownish colour shall be discharged into trolley to transport for, use. Compaction of cold mix with 8-10 tone roller shall be carried out to get the finished premix carpet surface.

To ensure better performance use GRIL Cold Mix without diluting with any solvent. It is recommended to roll the drums in to and fro motion before application.

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GRIL Cold Mix is available in 200 Kg (Net) MS and HDPE drums, own fleet of tankers ensure smooth and safe deliveries of Bulk Supplies.

Premix-Carpeting Using Bitumen Emulsion (Gril Cold Mix)


The quantities of aggregate required for 20mm premix carpeting and seal coat is as per below mention tables.

Quantity of Aggregates for Premix Carpeting

Aggregate Size Qty per 10n)2 of road surface
Coarse Aggregate- Nominal Size 13.2 mm 0.18 cu.m.
Coarse Aggregate — Nominal Size 11.2 mm 0.09 cu.m.
Total quantity of aggregate 0.27 cu.m

Quantity of Aggregates for Seal Coat

Seal Coat Type/ Aggregate Size Qty per 10m2 area of road surface
For Type A Seal Coat- Aggregate Size -6.7 mm 0.09 cu.m
For Type B Seal Coat- Fine Aggregates- Medium coarse sand or fine grit 0.06 cu.m.


The quantity of binder required for Tack Coat, Premix carpeting and Seal Coat is as under

Quantity of Binder (Tailor-made Bitumen Emulsion) for Tack Coat

ITEM Qty per 10m2 area of road surface
On a Granular Surface (already primed) 2.5 to 3.5 kg
On an existing black top surface 2.0 to 3.0 kg

Quantity of Binder (Tailor-made Bitumen Emulsion) for PREMIX CARPET – 20mm

ITEM Qty per 10m2 area of road surface
For 13.2 mm size coarse aggregate 13-15 Kg (GRIL Cold Mix)
For 11.2 mm, size coarse aggregate 6-7 kg (GRIL Cold Mix) 6-7 kg (GRIL Cold Mix)
Total 19-22 kg

Quantity of Binder (Tailor-made Bitumen Emulsion) for Seal Coat

ITEM Qty per 10m2 area of road surface
For Type A Seal Coat (Liquid seal coat) 12-14 kg (RS Grade)
For Type B Seal Coat (Premix seal coat) 10-12 kg (GRIL Cold Mix)

Source: IRC:14-2004 (Recommended Practice for Open Graded Premix Carpet) IRC:SP:100-2014 (Use of Cold Mix Technology in Construction and maintenance of Roads Using Bitumen Emulsion)

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