Know All about Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion


Know All about Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion

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Cold mix is a bituminous mixture which contains mineral aggregate, water and binder (custom designed cationic bitumen emulsion) geared up by a suitable appliance like a concrete mixer or cold mix plant or a customized hot mix plant.

Cold Mix is Cost Effective

Cold Mix Technology is cost effective as well as environment-friendly due to the fact that building work can go on in all seasons and still with wet aggregates. Due to topographical constraints, rural roads projects in the North Eastern States of India like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim, and others have got postponed. Use of Cold Mix Technology is established to be the most suitable one in these states. The biggest benefit of the technology is that it saves on an average just about 1500L of precious fossil fuel per kilometer of road construction. Cold mix pavement can offer energy savings of over 50% as compared with hot mix. So it can be well thought-out as a green technology for infrastructure Projects. Cold mix is gaining a great amount of popularity in road projects and more than 4000km job finished in North-East by cold mix technology.

Cold Mix has Reasonable Viscosity

Cold Mix is in particular designed water-based bitumen emulsion with reasonable viscosity and optimized setting time for mixing stability with an extensive variety of graded aggregate. Cold Mix grade is put together to mix properly with open-graded as well as dense graded aggregate. Cold Mix is recommended for premix carpeting as well as premix seal coat applications due to its high binder content and reasonable viscosity and is manufactured strictly as per IS 8887: 2004. Cold mix is in Chocolate brown in color and is a free-flowing liquid at ambient temperature

Preparation of the mixture

The cold mixed open graded premix can be prepared in a concrete mixer. For this purpose, the blended aggregates of 13.2mm and 11.2mm size in 2:1 ratio should be put together into a concrete mixer.

Thus Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion in India is highly suitable for some regions which face problems related to topography. It helps in perfect construction process without any issues.

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