Bitumen Emulsion: The best Bitumen Emulsion Suppliers in India with effective waterproofing


Bitumen Emulsion: The best Bitumen Emulsion Suppliers in India with effective waterproofing

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Bitumen Emulsion is nothing rather diluted bitumen for adequate infiltration. It has been  in the industry for a long time. The objective of bitumen is to make the outer layer of road, roof strong from water and UV ray. Bitumen makes the roads drift and safe.

Types of Bitumen:

   There are 3 types of Bitumen Emulsion available

  • Rapid setting
  • Medium Setting
  • Slow setting

Bitumen Emulsion is the best material for hillside roads because here heating of Bitumen and aggregating is very difficult. Emulsion mostly used in construction companies to provide an outer protective coating to roads. To use emulsion Bitumen needs to heat at 100 to 200 degrees until it aggregates to fluid substance.

Benefits of using Bitumen Emulsion

  • Bituminous emulsion is helpful in road construction as sometimes it can be used for repair, maintenance work.
  • In desert areas it is used for soil stabilization
  • During rain also emulsions can be used.
  • No requirement of extra heating to use it
  • Suitable for all types of roads
  • Different types of bitumen available for road settings like rapid settings for surface road, medium settings for premixing in Bitumen emulsion, slow settings to use in large surface areas for aggregating the surface areas.

Emulsion Specification

Buying Bitumen Emulsion from Bitumen Emulsion supplier in India become very careful towards maintaining the quality as it is available with three different types of application for erosion control, Prime coating and tack coating. Bitumen can be sued to stop erosion caused due to the drainage system. Bitumen is helpful in waterproofing river banks, protection to slopes and roads, roofs etc. It is easy to use and provides protection against erosion.

A light application is available in Bitumen Emulsion known as bond coat which can be used in surface with holes and gaps to patch it.A tack coating is very helpful in Bitumen that keeps the layers firmly bonded with each other. Prime coating is used to make the surface granular which keeps the dust level low, that’s the reason contractors and engineers chose it first.

There are various Bitumen Suppliers in India helping the Indian road construction team in different ease way.

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